Notes from Hong Kong Hotel Quarantine: Days 1, 2 & 3

Silence, food deliveries, and a mid-morning movie

So far…

Day 1: Barely counts as I spent most of it at the airport, then I was so brain fried that I pretty much crashed into bed once I reached the hotel.

And then there was more silence.

So I logged onto slack. I did some work. I made a birthday card for my Mum.

Some people might treat this as a meditation retreat.

I tried meditating yesterday… but as usual, my mind started wandering towards a ticker-taper to-do list.

Things I loved reading today:

  • Let’s See How Alive We Can Be: Elizabeth Gilbert’s brand of magical thinking — “If any of these women voted for Donald Trump, whose election to the highest office in the land was the cause of the breakdown Gilbert is describing, you can’t tell by their tear-stained faces, which are turned toward the stage like plants toward light.”
  • Industry’s self-righteous, ultra-judgmental supporting cast is its secret weapon: “First, there’s a hilarious cameo by Jessie and Bebe Cave as two uber-posh Corbynistas: ‘We’re just living…’ announces Jessie’s character breathily, sitting in front of a besuited Harper in performatively quirky glasses, dungarees and plaits. ‘We love that you’re a working woman, though.’”
  • How Dominic Cummings wasted the greatest opportunity of his life: “…he laid out in measured tones his views about ‘fundamental aspects of the way the world works’. This involved a helter-skelter tour of disciplines such as astronomy, entomology and neurology (Stars! Ants! Neurons!). Quite what this amounted to was hard to say, but he spoke with the confidence of a man who thinks that everyone appreciates how right he is.”

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