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Today I’m launching Copy & Co, a new service for busy founders and teams who need help with their copywriting

Adele Barlow
2 min readFeb 21, 2021
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After over a decade working with fast-growing startups where time is short, and the to-do list is long, I’ve learned how to help first-time founders and busy brands articulate what it is they’re really trying to say thoughtfully and quickly.

I’ve worked with all kinds of startups — the crowdfunded, the VC-backed, the lone operators, the startup-within-a-corporate. One thing they’ve all had in common: they’ve needed content that cuts through the noise.

These days, 75% of people don’t trust ads. 74% identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. It’s never been more important to share the stories that set your brand apart, yet founders and marketers have never had more demands on their time with a myriad of channels.

Today I’m launching Copy & Co, a new service for founders and teams who need an extra hand coming up with quality content.

Copy & Co can help with:

  • Producing your newsletters;
  • Writing your blog posts;
  • Ghostwriting press pieces;
  • Creating your brochure, ebook or report;
  • Crafting your bio.

Learn more here.

To celebrate, I’m offering 20% off all projects until the end of August 2021 (just mention ‘launch promo’ when you email us at

Some recent feedback on writing projects:

  • “These are amazing, I can’t believe how good of a job you’ve done. I honestly have no complaints and wouldn’t change anything at all.” (Project: crafting a series of bios for a serial female founder leading a tech education startup)
  • “You get the work done fast!” (Project: ghostwriting an opinion piece for a small PR agency working with fintechs)
  • “It is like you have crawled into my head and read my thoughts out loud.” (Project: longform ebook about helping recent graduates to find work)

Each month, Copy & Co gathers the most beautiful writing from around the web. Join the email list before March 8th, 2021 to go in to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

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